Sunbaking at farmstay

A visitor at the Gold Coast farmMystery Mountain Gold Coast Farmstay near Brisbane has many visitors – who is that on the tank sunbaking?









Looks like a lizard.I think I need to take a closer look at our farm visitor – maybe his is looking for a farmstay holiday?

Looks like a lizard.









This lizard is known as a monitor lizard.

Lace Monitor (Varanus varius)  or tree goanna
The lace monito is Australia’s second-largest lizard and one of the largest lizards on Earth. The lace monitor is usually a dark colour, ranging from a dark blue-black to black and has a scattering of white, cream or yellow scales forming vibrant markings on its body. The tail is longer than the body (look to see how this lizard is missing part of its tail). The head and tail together and can measure from around 1.5 metres to 2 metres. The Lace Monitor can be found along the coast, ranges, slopes and plains of eastern and south eastern Australia, from the south eastern corner of South Australia to Cape York Peninsula. It is a large arboreal lizard which feeds on insects, reptiles, small mammals and nestling birds. It also feeds on carrion. The monitor often forages along the ground but will climb a tree when disturbed, spiralling upwards when pursued, keeping on the opposite side of the tree from the observer.
The lizard has stretched itself out in the sun on the hot cement tank top.





Farmstay for Schools


Horseshoe Game

Horseshoe Game

Farmstay for school holiday camps are becoming popular because students want to learn about the natural environment.  The chance to enjoy beautiful natural scenery,  to meet farm animals and native animals in a pollution free green and healthy environment is  not available to many school students who live in large cities.  Parents of city kids want their children to experience and appreciate the natural environment.

International school groups from the cities in countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea ( just to name a few examples), cannot enjoy the natural environment offered by Mystery Mountain Resort .   Children are free to run around on acres of green grass, throw stones, walk in the rainforest, feed and care for farm animals, to learn to milk a cow, to eat healthy fresh farm food and to sleep with their friends in high quality bunk-style accommodation.

Mystery Mountain farmstay is an option for school English camps for children and also for parents and kids.  Study tours for school groups wanting  to study and learn English at AICOL Gold Coast English school can also include Mystery Mountain Gold Coast farmstay.

Study tours including farmstay for school groups range from 2 nights to 2 months in length.



Farmstay Activities


Many countries in the world like their students to experience nature in a pure natural and safe environment.
Feeding alpacas is a popular farmstay summer camp activity

Mystery Mountain farmstay resort in the Gold Coast hinterland near Brisbane provides farmstay activities designed to educate students who have not had the opportunity to walk through a rainforest, learn about Australian native plants and animals, see where eggs come from, milk a cow, feed  farm animals – donkeys goats and alpacas,  groom a horse and much more.

Another farmstay activity encourages team building.  Aussie bush games is a popular farmstay activity where students are introduced to many fun bush games and divide into teams  where they compete against each other and enjoy a lot of exercise and laughter in the healthy pure air of Mystery Mountain.

Tug-o-war Bush Game at Mystery Mountain farmstay

A different type of farmstay activity involves learning about the old crafts – sheep shearing and making felt from the fleece. The aboriginal style art class is also a popular activity at Mystery Mountain.

A most popular farmstay activity relates to food. Students are shown how to prepare and cook their own bush style lunch.

After a busy day of farm activities students can retire to the superior farmstay accommodation where in addition to good food, hot showers and comfortable beds they can enjoy the wonders of nature with beautiful views and, later in the evening, with star gazing if the weather permits.

All farmstay activities can be developed to meet the needs of specific groups. We can include environmental studies (geography, flora, fauna) and cooking (including cheese making and ice cream making at the dairy farm).

English language classes with qualified teachers from the Australian International College of Language (AICOL) can also be included as a farmstay activity.




Gold Coast Study Tours

AICOL English school on the Gold Coast together with Mystery Mountain Farmstay offers a complete Gold Coast study tour experience .

AICOL has been providing high quality Gold Coast Study Tours and English language courses since 1993, and has welcomed over 500 school groups and student groups from all around the world.

Since it established Mystery Mountain Gold Coast Farmstay near Brisbane in 2002, AICOL has been able to provide an exclusive experience for its study tour students – 1 or 2 night stay in the magnificent Gold Coast hinterland.

AICOL Balcony View

View from AICOL

Thus on an AICOL study tour students enjoy:

  •  homestay with an Australian family selected by AICOL’s homestay placement service
  •  farmstay at Mystery Mountain
  • English language classes  at both AICOL Gold Coast  English school and at Mystery Mountain Farmstay in the Gold Coast hinterland
  •  a range of wonderful activities on the Gold Coast, including theme parks and sporting activities
  • a range of unique farmstay experiences at Mystery Mountain, such as a rainforest walk, picking macadami nuts, meeting alapacas, milking a cow, and so on

If you would like a sample program and quote, please feel free to contact us.





Farm Holiday Mystery Mountain Gold Coast

A farm holiday at Mystery Mountain on the Gold Coast of Australia has been enjoyed by many school groups and university groups from around the world.

If you want to create some wonderful memories then a farm holiday at Mystery Mountain Gold Coast is certainly the place to visit.

Gold Coast Farm Holiday Accommodation

Farm Holiday Accommodation House Lower Entry

Farm Holiday Accommodation House Lower Entry

Farm Holiday Gold Coast Healthy Meals

Farm Holiday Gold Coast Healthy Meals

Many students live in cities and have not experienced the joy of farm holiday.  A Gold Coast farm holiday offers the best of both worlds – a farm holiday in the beautiful natural environment of the Gold Coast hinterland and easy access from the farm to the beaches of the Gold Coast and famous Surfers Paradise.

Farm holidays provide the opportunity for kids from the cities to learn where food comes from.  Collect eggs from the chicken house, pick fruit from the fruit trees, see vegetables growing such as peas, beans, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, tomatoes and many, many more.

Another reason for a farm holiday is to meet wonderful farm animals – alpacas, chooks, cows, donkeys, goats, and horses.

A farm holiday at Mystery Mountain Gold Coast farmstay will also provide you wit the opportunity to play Aussie bush games which Australian children have traditionally played for many years – tug-o-war, sack races, egg and spoon races and many more.

There is an added bonus in having your farm holiday at Mystery Mountain farmstay because you are also having a  holiday in the natural environment of a dry subtropical rainforest.    Macadamia nuts originate from the Gold Coast hinterland and you will see these nut trees and may be able to taste a nut straight from the tree.

Many students do not eat a lot of healthy food in the cities but on a farm holiday at Mystery Mountain the food is delicious, fresh and healthy.












Mystery Mountain Farmstay Summer Camp

Mystery Mountain  Farmstay Summer Camp is a unique experience for groups.    If you are planning a summer camp why not consider a Gold Coast Farmstay  as part of your summer camp program.  Mystery Mountain Farmstay Summer Camp in the Gold Coast hinterland is for groups only – a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 persons plus leaders and tour guides.

 Mystery Mountain Farmstay Summer Camp Activities

Feeding animals  at Mystery Mountain Farmstay Summer Camp

Feeding animals at Mystery Mountain Farmstay Summer Camp

Farmstay Summer Camp Mystery Mountain Gold Coast Farmstay

Summer Camp Mystery Mountain Gold Coast Farmstay

The summer camp program offers a wide range of activities including walking in the scenic beauty of the rainforest where you are close to the natural environment  and can learn how to understand and appreciate nature.  Run and play in big green areas and feed farm animals.  Our summer camp farmstay activities also include craft classes and an aboriginal style art class. Because our Gold Coast Farmstay Summer Camp is located about 100 kilometres from both the Brisbane International Airport and the Gold Coast International Airport it is very convenient.

Another reason our summer camp is convenient for groups is because our  Farmstay is less than one hour from the Gold Coast theme parks such as Movieworld and Seaworld.   Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is also popular with summer camp groups. The Australian International College of Language – AICOL – includes Mystery Mountain Gold Coast Farmstay Summer Camp as part of its many study tour programs for students learning English.  Summer camp students can also learn English at Mystery Mountain  Farmstay.  It is, however, possible to have a summer camp for individual students at AICOL which does not include the Mystery Mountain Farmstay Summer Camp.

If you are thinking about a farmstay summer camp please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Farmstay Summer Camp Location

Mystery Mountain Farmstay summer camp is a healthy and educational experience.   Enjoy the scenic beauty in a pollution free natural environment.   Please enjoy these images and visit our natural environment images  gallery for a look at some of what  our farmstay summer camp students will experience.

 Farmstay Summer Camp Experience

Many students have never experienced a farmstay summer camp let alone a farmstay summer camp in a dry subtropical rainforest area with a view of the natural environment from every window and less than one hundred steps into the rainforest.  We hope your school or university will visit us soon so we can show you the natural wonders of our beautiful farmstay.

Farmstay Near Brisbane

Mystery Mountain farmstay is a beautiful farmstay located near Brisbane. If you are  looking for a farmstay near Brisbane with scenic beauty  for getting close to nature and for experiencing  farmstay life then Mystery Mountain farmstay will be a wonderful place for you to visit.

Animals at Mystery Mountain farmstay near Brisbane

Animals at Mystery Mountain farmstay near Brisbane

Animals at Farmstay near Brisbane and Gold Coast beaches

Farmstay near Brisbane and Gold Coast beaches

 Farmstay Near Brisbane and Gold Coast

Mystery Mountain Farmstay is located near Brisbane but is also just 45 drive from the beaches of the Gold Coast.  As Mystery Mountain farmstay is near Brisbane it offers the choice of  Gold Coast  International Airport or  Brisbane International Airport which are of approximate equal distance  from the farm.  Because we are a farmstay near Brisbane and near to the Gold Coast beaches, and because we cater for groups from 20 – 50 persons, Mystery Mountain is an ideal farmstay location for school groups and university groups.  Excellent farmstay accommodation.

As many international flights arrive early in the morning our farmstay, located near Brisbane International  Airport and near Gold Coast International Airport, groups can arrive at Mystery Mountain Farmstay in time for morning tea and a full day of farm activities in a clean, green pollution free natural environment.

Farmstay Near Brisbane But In Another World

The Mystery Mountain farmstay is just 107 kms from Brisbane. With Gold Coast and Brisbane being linked by a fast highway, travel between the two is about 1 hour.   Farmstay guests departing from the Brisbane airport pass over the Leo Hielscher brigde and drive uninterrupted to the Gold Coast turn-off (exit 69) where they commence their ascent to our farmstay.   Though located near Brisbane  and with fast connections to Brisbane airport, our lovely farmstay is close to the world heritage listed Lamington National Park.

Even though our farmstay is located near Brisbane  it’s in another world.  Once at the farmstay you’ll meet our farm animals, perhaps see our friendly kangaroo, enjoy our farmstay gardens and breath-taking views. Your hosts will take you through a range of activities  and show you how to prepare traditional farm foods like damper and billy tea.  There is probably not another farmstay near Brisbane that so totally takes you into the world of nature and natural beauty.  If you’re looking to stay in a farmstay near Brisbane please contact us to make arrangements.

Mystery Mountain Farmstay Near Bribane

The Mystery Mountain Farmstay, near Brisbane, is a beautiful place to stay. Please see our gallery for images of our farmstay:

See more galleries from our farmstay near Brisbane:

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