Rainforest Natural Environment

Rainforest Natural Environment

Natural Environment - Rainforest at Farmstay

Natural Environment – Rainforest at Farmstay

Natural Environment

The flora and fauna  of the natural environment of the Gold Coast hinterland are to be found where sub-tropical and temperate rainforests overlap at  Mystery Mountain Gold Coast Farmstay.

A visit to our farmstay near Brisbane introduces the real “Paradise” behind the famous Surfers Paradise.  The flora and fauna of the Gold Coast Hinterland  in many areas have been left to their own resources with the environment and traditional wildlife inhabitants enjoying the innocence of nature.

A wonderful book describing The Real Paradise of the Gold Coast Hinterland offers a good introduction to the flora and fauna of the area and Mystery Mountain Farmstay thanks the author Neil Macleod.

Enjoy ” life as it should be” with fun farm activities in the day and in the evening enjoy the superior farmstay accommodation offered at Mystery Mountain Gold Coast Farmstay.

Visit our image galleries to see  our wonderful farmhouse accommodtion.
See our beautiful farmstay animals.
Visit our farmstay gardens and our natural environment.

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