Farmstay Near Brisbane

Mystery Mountain farmstay is a beautiful farmstay located near Brisbane. If you are  looking for a farmstay near Brisbane with scenic beauty  for getting close to nature and for experiencing  farmstay life then Mystery Mountain farmstay will be a wonderful place for you to visit.

Animals at Mystery Mountain farmstay near Brisbane

Animals at Mystery Mountain farmstay near Brisbane

Animals at Farmstay near Brisbane and Gold Coast beaches

Farmstay near Brisbane and Gold Coast beaches

 Farmstay Near Brisbane and Gold Coast

Mystery Mountain Farmstay is located near Brisbane but is also just 45 drive from the beaches of the Gold Coast.  As Mystery Mountain farmstay is near Brisbane it offers the choice of  Gold Coast  International Airport or  Brisbane International Airport which are of approximate equal distance  from the farm.  Because we are a farmstay near Brisbane and near to the Gold Coast beaches, and because we cater for groups from 20 – 50 persons, Mystery Mountain is an ideal farmstay location for school groups and university groups.  Excellent farmstay accommodation.

As many international flights arrive early in the morning our farmstay, located near Brisbane International  Airport and near Gold Coast International Airport, groups can arrive at Mystery Mountain Farmstay in time for morning tea and a full day of farm activities in a clean, green pollution free natural environment.

Farmstay Near Brisbane But In Another World

The Mystery Mountain farmstay is just 107 kms from Brisbane. With Gold Coast and Brisbane being linked by a fast highway, travel between the two is about 1 hour.   Farmstay guests departing from the Brisbane airport pass over the Leo Hielscher brigde and drive uninterrupted to the Gold Coast turn-off (exit 69) where they commence their ascent to our farmstay.   Though located near Brisbane  and with fast connections to Brisbane airport, our lovely farmstay is close to the world heritage listed Lamington National Park.

Even though our farmstay is located near Brisbane  it’s in another world.  Once at the farmstay you’ll meet our farm animals, perhaps see our friendly kangaroo, enjoy our farmstay gardens and breath-taking views. Your hosts will take you through a range of activities  and show you how to prepare traditional farm foods like damper and billy tea.  There is probably not another farmstay near Brisbane that so totally takes you into the world of nature and natural beauty.  If you’re looking to stay in a farmstay near Brisbane please contact us to make arrangements.

Mystery Mountain Farmstay Near Bribane

The Mystery Mountain Farmstay, near Brisbane, is a beautiful place to stay. Please see our gallery for images of our farmstay:

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