This beautiful  farmstay near Brisbane  is ideal for school group camps.

AICOL English School

AICOL English School

Jan and Garth Keppie are the owners of Mystery Mountain  Resort. They are also the owners  of  the Australian International College of Language  – AICOL

AICOL is the  English School  started by Jan and Garth at Southport in 1993 and is now the longest running English language school on the Gold Coast.

AICOL  developed programs for students which included farm holidays.  Because they could not find a high quality farm property near to the Gold Coast with a high standard suitable for international school and university groups they decided to purchase and develop Mystery Mountain Resort.

Mystery Mountain  caters for groups – mainly school groups and university groups.   It comprises more than 50 acres of rich red volcanic soil and adjoins a 2000 acre dry sub-tropical rainforest.    Farmstay  is a very popular inclusion in English language Study Tours organised by AICOL Gold Coast English school.

Large groups of 20 to 100 people can enjoy day visits  for morning tea or, perhaps, a BBQ lunch.

We do not accept individual bookings or small groups under 20 persons.   We refer individual students for English language study and  homestay to AICOL.

The original farm house is more than 100 years old and in the first part of its life was a beachfront accommodation house on the Gold Coast .  The original house was  moved to its present location more than 40 years ago.   The house was completely redeveloped to comply with local government requirements with the assistance of a local architect,  Daryl Brown.

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